ABOUT Mamica
-Est. November,2010-



店名の『Mámica-マミカ-』は、私の名前「Mami-マミ-」と、スペイン語の「Cerámica -セラミカ-」(陶器)に由来しています。そこには「私(マミ)が選んだ陶器」という意味が込められています。




Mámica is a gallery and shop in Sengawa, Tokyo. Here you will discover the works of Japanese contemporary artists through ceramic tableware and other forms of art that add color and joy to our daily lives.

Our gallery is situated in a quiet residential area adjacent to the forests of Kokubunji Cliff Line where one can still imagine the bygone wilderness of Musashino. Regularly, we host special exhibits to introduce the works of artisans.

Mámica takes its name from blending my name Mami with the Spanish word cerámica (ceramics) - in other words, ceramic creations handpicked by Mami.

Mámica’s logo was inspired by the Spanish painter Joan Miró’s signature. It also represents my wish to cherish art that is free spirited without being bound by convention, delicate yet full of inner energy and one of a kind.

With ideas that are uniquely Mámica, we hope to touch the hearts of many by the art we present.

Best regards,
Mami Matsuoka
owner, Galería Mámica

About Maimca -Est. November 2010-